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Wi-Fi & Cabled Networking Services

Whether it's for the home, or any kind of business, a full set of services are available to provide you with cabled & wireless connectivity wherever you should need it. 


Say goodbye to any troublesome black spots and put control of your network in your hands.

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Bespoke PC Building, Upgrades & Repairs

We can build PC's to order, to your exact specification or we can help you decide what's best for you.


Whether you need a suite of professional machines for your business, a simple PC for browsing the net, a complete custom built gaming setup or maybe a new business server then we can accommodate your needs.

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Infrastructure Management

Already have an existing network infrastructure? Maybe it needs to be expanded to accommodate more devices or perhaps ageing equipment is causing bottlenecks on the network.

Contact us to see how we can help get your network up and running to it's full potential.

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Data Recovery & Imaging Services

Machines may become damaged beyond repair, this doesn't mean your data is necessarily lost forever. We can provided services to copy data from old drives or maybe copy the entire machine to a new one keeping your data completely intact.


Contact us for more information.

Virus, Malware & Threat Removal

Are you concerned your machine may have been infected by a malicious program, malware or viruses? This can not only affect your machines performance but may very well be putting your personal information at risk.

Contact us for advice on dealing with these situations before continuing to use the infected device.

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Servicing & Optimisation

Has your computer become slow and unresponsive? Does your laptop take a long time to load? we can diagnose hardware faults, remedy any software glitches and remove any unnecessary programs or viruses, when we give your computer a full service.


If your PC computer is starting to become sluggish then we can offer solutions to ensure that your computer memory and processing power is optimised, as part of our computer health check.

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Microsoft Windows & macOS Installations

Sometimes operating systems can become corrupted beyond reasonable repair. This doesn't mean your machine is no longer any good!

A clean installation of a relevant operating system will make everything as good as new. In many cases the device will be even better than the day it was purchased. 


This could save you a lot of money rather than buying a new device unnecessarily

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Hard Disk, SSD, Memory Upgrades & More

If you are thinking of buying a new machine you could potentially save a lot of time and money upgrading your existing device. 

Whether you have a desktop or laptop we can diagnose potential upgrade paths specific to your device and recommend and install new hardware. 

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